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School Principals Forum

This Group is an International forum for School Principals and management, with a membership of more than 5000+ School Principals as members .

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MAHE’s Performance Excellence Model for Education is adopted from USA’s Malcolm Baldrige Criteria.


This Model is designed to help Schools / Colleges to:

  • Increase the use of quality management techniques that work together to improve organizational performance;

  • Increase communication and knowledge exchange among all the stakeholders; and

  • Implement industry's best standards & practices  to enhance the overall performance excellence of the organization;


MAHE’s Quality Improvement Cell (MQiC) is not only expected to facilitate the internalization and institutionalization of quality at the Client’s site, but also to activate the system and raise the institutional capabilities to higher levels ensuring continuous quality improvement (QIP), and apply for Asia Pacific Quality Organisation (APQO) Awards.

Performance Excellence Model




About CampusLive


'Connecting Classrooms' India Network 

This is a global education programme for schools, designed to offer school partnerships and accreditation along with professional development courses.

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International School Award (ISA)

This is an accreditation scheme from the British Council that recognises exemplary practices of internationalism in schools to create a rich learning experience for students.

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MAHE's Campus Management System is designed and developed in line with ISO/TQM standards for Quality School Governance so as to ensure holistic development of the School / University & its students and compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements at low cost.


  • CampusLive software for Universities & Colleges

  • CampusK12 software for Schools 


MAHE's Campus Management solution is built to overcome the gaps present in the current Education System. It not only helps to manage the School / University better, but also to provide all required student’s information directly to their parents via Internet through its uniquely developed Students’ Information System [SiS]. A good number of Schools, Colleges and Universities have already endorsed this software solution. 

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