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Synte has enrolled in various Chambers of Commerce to gain influence at the international and national level through the Chambers’ network.


Partnering with Industry associations helps Synte to get the latest updates of developments in Government’s policies, laws and regulations at an early stage, and this knowledge inturn is communicated to our Clients to help them in taking right decisions for their busines

Birmingham Chamber of Commerce

Birmingham Chamber of Commerce was established nearly 200 years agao and currently, Chamber is a modern, innovative, membership-based business support organisation that connects its members to various opportunities.


Birmingham Chamber is an accredited member of the British Chambers of Commerce and over the years has established itself to become the prominent independent business voice in Birmingham and the West Midland

Institute of Asian Business

The IAB was formed in 1987 to recognise and understand the unique challenges faced by ethnic businesses and provides business support and networking opportunities to help its members achieve their business goals.


As the most influential group of its kind in the West Midlands the IAB specialises in supporting Asian business needs in Birmingham and Solihull. We recognise and understand the unique challenges faced by ethnic businesses and will work with you to offer relevant business support and networking opportunities to help you to achieve your business goals


The erstwhile Mysore Chamber of Commerce, the precursor of the Federation of Karnataka chambers of Commerce & Industry, was established on May 8, 1916, in Bangalore.


It was established to build up and disseminate information on business and the economy to its members and the community in general. It also provides a forum for businesses for developing bilateral trade / multilateral trade with foreign countries and to sponsor business missions to other countries from time to tim


Synte as a social enterprise company has pledged to donate at least 10% of its annual profits to a nominated cause. This programme sets standards for promoting the cause of Education like, building schools, school facilities, scholarships, etc. Our support is to help build a more inclusive, sustainable and prosperous future for the young and deprived learners.


Synte’s social enterprise programme provides funding to social entrepreneurs, NGOs, and community leaders to enable them deploy various initiatives specifically in the area of child education..

Certified Social Enterprise

The first international network dedicated to social entrepreneurship, XL was launched in 2002 and has grown into an organisation hosting over 2,000 events each year, bringing social entrepreneurs together to share resources, knowledge and connections. XL is part of the United Nations Social Compact and has been recognised by the Clinton Global Initiative for the philanthropic work it has undertaken.


The focus of XL Social Enterprise Network is on finding the best ways to connect effective wealth creation and contribution, through social enterprises and between social entrepreneurs. Synte in partnership with this NGO operates through XL SEA Programme forming high impact partnerships with corporations, foundations and intermediary organisations as well as universities, think tanks and social investors to provide mentoring and funding to social entrepreneurs.

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