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Organizations in highly regulated industries continue to face pressure to maintain the highest level of quality control in every facet of their operations, while at the same time reducing costs and maintaining margins. An investment in a quality management system (QMS) can help achieve both needs: superior quality and reduced costs. The quality control software landscape has progressed gradually from a deployment of tactical point solutions to complete enterprise-level solution offerings.


eQMS software by Synte is an enterprise quality management system (EQMS) that optimizes quality, ensures compliance and reduces costs and risk for world-class clients across a range of regulated industries. eQMS is the only enterprise quality management software that offers the flexibility and configurability to adapt to company-specific business processes, enabling our world-class clients across a range of industries to define, track, manage and report on the core activities and processes vital to their success.

Enterprise Portals

Synte is a one-stop portal development provider. Our expertise allows building portal solutions that combine information access and content distribution with collaboration, workflow management and social networking mechanisms. Allowing your business to have a web presence magnify your reach and increase your productivity many times. Along with your Website, adding functionality for community building multiplies your reach to audience. This functionality comes in a web portal enabling all the products and services to reach to your potential audiences.



Synte develops and integrates data/content, design elements, marketing/sales initiatives, e-commerce applications and maintenance/support measures to create full-service B2B and B2C portals which will enhance your web efficiency, expand distribution channels and ensure competitive advantage in vertical marketplaces.

WEB 2.0 / Web 3.0

Things evolve and change with time and those that remain static, tend to get outdated and eventually die out. Technology has also followed the same dictum, having been dynamic in its progression and having imbibed changes that have made it increasingly more interactive. Changing technology requires changing plans and approach to promoting your content, product or service online. Web 2.0 applications are advanced programmes that enable a superior user experience that enable you to be a participator and contributor by tagging, blogging, bookmarking, networking and much more.



Growing and developing further, the internet has reached a stage where it is integrated in our lives constantly. This is the newest form of the Web, Web 3.0. It calls for specialised Web 3.0 technologies to develop Web 3.0 applications. Synte’s Web 3.0 design services and Web 3.0 application development team ensure your business gets adequate attention and is the focus of attention.

Harness the power of CampusK12 Performance Excellence Model for Education, CampusK12 Quality Improvement Cell (CQiC), Process Automation, Process Excellence & Best Practices and align your School with ISO 9001 & MBNQA Excellence Model.


Empower students, parents, admin, management, partners, and employees to tackle anything, anywhere with an online collaboration platform


Organizations that invest in SAP look to optimize their operations, streamline business processes, integrate disparate systems, and utilize best-of-breed technology to get ahead of their competition.


As SAP specialists, Synte helps you realize the extensive benefits of SAP by discovering ways to optimize, eliminate inefficiencies, and tap into business intelligence for increased transparency into business operations.

Campus Management solution is built to overcome the gaps present in the current Education System. It not only helps to manage the Colleges / Universities better, but also to communicates all required information directly to the stakeholders.


A good number of Colleges and Universities have already endorsed this software solution

MS Dynamics
Mobile Apps

With the increase in the number of Android devices in the market and the adoption of Android by mobile manufacturers, it is no doubt that Android Application Development is a service that no company can ignore. For the highly advanced and smart choices, the smart phones are the best, and for the smart phones to be smart, the applications developed for them need to be smart enough to impress their users. Synte’s Android app development team is skilled at developing for Android Devices including phones, tablets and phablets. We optimise the design of the application based on your requirement so that the user experience in the application is personalised and has a minimal learning curve.



Whether you are looking for an app that will enhance the productivity of your organisations employees, or a multimedia based app that aggregates content and streams it to your users, or even an e-commerce based application, we can help you create a solution that will give your customers a cutting edge experience.

Vehicle Tracking System

Safety and security of vehicles is of prime most importance for its owner and they are always on the lookout for a better and foolproof mechanism for monitoring these high-capital assets. Whether you are owner of a single vehicle or over 1000, Vehicle Tracking System (VTS) is a be-all, end-all solution to locate, track and secure your mobile assets. It is designed for precise and real-time tracking and reporting of your vehicle(s), no matter where it is located.



Synte with its extensive expertise in hardware technology and embedded solutions is a leading developer for GPS vehicle tracking system. Synte’s vehicle tracking solution not only offers what you need from a vehicle tracking device but it also smartly avoids the pitfalls of GPS vehicle tracking from traditional devices. Synte’s multi-vehicle tracking system (also known as GPS fleet tracking system), is useful for organizations to calculate the efficiency of transport department and increase its productivity by collection of various relevant statistics

Connect your people, processes, and systems with a complete solution for business. Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution helps drives sales productivity and marketing effectiveness through social insights, business intelligence, and campaign management.


Microsoft Dynamics ERP the ERP solution that helps businesses manage their financials, supply chain, operations, and people.

Enterprise BI

Synte's Halo BI combines traditional business intelligence with big data analytics and super-charges it with next generation visualization, collaboration and decision support tools helping everyone in your organization answer their most important business questions quickly, easily and cost effectively 

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Unified Security Systems

Synte’s Unified Security Management (USM) platform provides all the essential security capabilities in a single console, giving you everything you need to manage both compliance and threats. In addition to all the functionality of a traditional SIEM ie., integrate and analyze the data produced by other security technologies that are already deployed, Synte’s USM also builds the essential security capabilities into a single platform with no additional feature charges. 


Busy IT security teams don’t have the time or the resources to research the latest threats on their own. Our team of security experts constantly monitors, analyzes, reverse engineers, and reports on sophisticated zero-day threats including malware, botnets, phishing campaigns and more. Unlike preventative-only security tools (e.g., firewalls, anti-virus, etc.), and single-purpose monitoring tools (SIEM, IDS, vulnerability assessment, log management, etc.), Synte’s USM platform provides a unified approach to threat detection and compliance management

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