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Based on years of helping companies improve their business fundamentals, Synte brings new efficiencies to organizations like yours with its solutions for Organisations. Synte's solutions help growing companies seamlessly collaborate with employees, partners, customers, and suppliers of all sizes, in any location. The products also integrate users, processes, and data within an organization and beyond, creating unparalleled efficiencies. And these solutions empower a company's users - delivering the access, information, applications, and services they need to do their jobs and to help the organization grow and succeed.


Moreover, Synte's solutions for Clients support the evolution of your business. Powerful integration capabilities enable a company to grow to even mySAP Business Suite. Together, these solutions offer your business a unified portfolio of solutions from a single vendor - one that you can rely on to empower your corporate growth over time.


Because Synte's solutions are built on open standards, you can buy just the solution you need now with the knowledge that your investment is protected and that you can easily and affordably expand your system as needed. Thousands of growing companies around the world use Synte solutions to drive new business value - increasing revenues through additional business opportunities, pursuing innovation, improving the effectiveness of sales and marketing campaigns, enhancing supply chain visibility and customer responsiveness, and better anticipating market needs. All while working more efficiently, reducing costs, and streamlining processes.


In this endavour, Synte has also partnered with various global IT companies to facilitate Synte's Clients to obtain various benefits in terms of providing end-to-end solutions

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