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Campus ERP-QMS

Campus Management System is designed and developed in line with ISO / TQM standards for Quality School Governance so as to ensure holistic development of the School / University & its students and compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements at low cost.


  1. CampusLive software for Universities & Colleges

  2. CampusK12 software for Schools 

  3. Microsoft Dynamics for Companies


Campus Management solution is ERP-QMS built to overcome the gaps present in the current Education System. It not only helps to manage the School / University better, but also to provide all required student’s information directly to their parents via Internet through its uniquely developed Students’ Information System [SiS]. A good number of Schools, Colleges and Universities have already endorsed this software solution.


e-Government is not only about technology - it is about reinventing the way in which public servants and citizens interact. Unprecedented levels of service quality can be offered through their various departments and a much more proactive approach to service delivery can be adopted.


Towards this, Synté offers an end-to-end consulting, solution design & development, implementation, integration and support in the following fronts:


  • eProcurement and Supply Chain Management (SCM) solutions

  • Citizen Relationship Management solutions

  • Business intelligence and data warehousing solutions

  • Portal development

  • Knowledge Management (KM) solutions

  • Imaging, work flow and document management solutions

  • Smart cards solutions

  • Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) solutions

  • Security and System integratio

Business Intelligence

Synte BI enables you to align your strategy and execution, ensuring that business processes are not only efficient but also intelligent. The ability to measure your business in today's highly competitive environment is invaluable. Companies must be able to access, analyze and measure sales, marketing campaigns, customer trends, production or any other key performance indicator (KPI) in order to make informed decisions that can influence revenue, profit, growth opportunity and productivity. So you can make informed decisions. Take appropriate action. And improve your business operations.


Synté BI and Dashboards allow the decision makers to reach decisions promptly and not waste time trying to understand the intricacies of BI technology. The need to understand where the information comes from is eliminated by providing a series of intelligent analysis objects and metric templates that intuitively build the required processes for the information needed


Synté's eCommerce solutions usher in a new era of Web services. It can modify your business methodologies and dramatically influence the way your organization relates to your customers. From the ordering process to customer support and customer service, our solutions offer limitless opportunities to those companies who have the Web-enabling technologies to take advantage of them.


The framework can be utilized to give authorized individuals the ability to interact from remote devices, including tablets and smartphones using WAP technology. It provides a structured way of directly accessing the business functionality  while maintaining the software's built-in business rules and security. In addition to enabling important business functions such as remote purchase order entry and inventory status determination, Synté solutions also facilitates the integration of select best-of-breed applications with Synté's enterprise solution

Harness the power of CampusK12 Performance Excellence Model for Education, CampusK12 Quality Improvement Cell (CQiC), Process Automation, Process Excellence & Best Practices and align your School with ISO 9001 & MBNQA Excellence Model.


Empower students, parents, admin, management, partners, and employees to tackle anything, anywhere with an online collaboration platform


Organizations that invest in SAP look to optimize their operations, streamline business processes, integrate disparate systems, and utilize best-of-breed technology to get ahead of their competition.


As SAP specialists, Synte helps you realize the extensive benefits of SAP by discovering ways to optimize, eliminate inefficiencies, and tap into business intelligence for increased transparency into business operations.

Campus Management solution is built to overcome the gaps present in the current Education System. It not only helps to manage the Colleges / Universities better, but also to communicates all required information directly to the stakeholders.


A good number of Colleges and Universities have already endorsed this software solution

MS Dynamics

Connect your people, processes, and systems with a complete solution for business. Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution helps drives sales productivity and marketing effectiveness through social insights, business intelligence, and campaign management.


Microsoft Dynamics ERP the ERP solution that helps businesses manage their financials, supply chain, operations, and people.

Enterprise BI

Synte's Halo BI combines traditional business intelligence with big data analytics and super-charges it with next generation visualization, collaboration and decision support tools helping everyone in your organization answer their most important business questions quickly, easily and cost effectively 

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